We are a caring community of Jesus' followers, sharing God's love, mercy, and justice.


To be an Anabaptist witness for Jesus, blessing our local and global communities.

Values / Affirmations

Inspired, joyful worship leads to transformed lives
Community: a place to know and be known, love and be loved, accept and be accepted, serve and be served, celebrate and be celebrated
Importance of nurturing our children and youth
Christian education encouraged in our denominational schools
Peace that is expressed in justice
Small groups encouraged for discipleship, accountability and support
Every person has God-given gifts
Participation is more important than excellence
The Good News should be shared with our neighbors, locally and globally
Devotion to God comes through prayer, Bible reading, study, meditation and reflection


Basic Beliefs of Mennonites

Jesus Christ is Savior
Authority of the Bible, God's Word
Voluntary commitment to Christ and the church followed by believer's baptism
Sent into the world to share the good news
Committed to community
Ethical lifestyles
Peacemaking, non-violence and social justice
Commitment to service and mutual aid



We identify with the larger Christian tradition, but give special commitment to Anabaptist Mennonite understandings and expressions of faith. We seek to be faithful to Christ in partnership with other like-minded congregations throughout the world. We are members of the Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference and the Mennonite General Assembly.


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